This bridge has been a work in progress for almost a year. Damian had to figure out and hand engineer every part. The Ashtabula Train Bridge will be featured in a documentary "The Engineering Tragedy" scheduled to start filming at the end of September. For more information please check out:


Hello friends and
 We have been working
with a team of people to build this 4 engine
hovering aircraft for the
last several months.
We are close to our next venture of a auto piloted
and piloted
personal flight vehicle.
Each one of the engines on this smaller aircraft run at 160,000rpm
weigh 3.4lbs and produce 25lbs
of thrust each.
The other engines we have weigh 22lbs and produce 200lbs of thrust. 
 The engines are very powerful. Four of them will easily lift a small
personal manned version of
our aircraft vertically and fly like an fixed
wing aircraft. They are
currently mounted to our manned jet pack
I will send
picture the that unit
very soon.
These two projects coexist together
because like the Segway the
flight controls and gyros work on the same
level to make the vehicle fly
stable without human control.
take a moment to review our techmoola challenge.
This is one way we are
promoting company growth for the next

Damian Cavasos


This O-scale outdoor railroad is stunning! We have build two custom bridges for Harry Benn.
The first bridge was constructed 2 years ago. It is the double track deck girder with custom paint and lettering. The North Shore Line. The second bridge is a fully detailed Curved Top Through Truss. We are so excited to be apart of this amazing project! Keep up the good work!


6' Custom Curved Through Truss Fully Laced