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Gary and Marilyn Siegel live in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. Gary has been known in the HO modeling scene as both a gifted railroad builder and operator. As a model railroad builder he has had multiple articles written about him, emphasizing his grand layout and attention to detail. I was honored to be able to work him and his amazing crew and contribute to the beauty of his backyard (1:32 Scale).

These bridges have been an ongoing design challenge since the beginning. This is partly because of Gary’s vast knowledge of bridges and model trains. He himself has built complicated and highly detailed model bridges for his own layout. I was happy for the constructive criticism and his approval. The entire experience has educated me and expanded my abilities as an artist.

The impressive backyard layout (1:32 Scale) of Gary Siegel was awe-inspiring. It was built for model railroad operations with over 2,500 dwarf trees, tons of custom mountains, nineteen custom bridges, and countless photo opportunities. It is a joy not only to watch this layout run but to also be part of the outdoor operation crew with Gary.

The trip and the installation of these bridges went by smoothly. But this is only beginning; the next step is creating custom concrete abutments for the bridges before working on the next set of model bridges. I would recommend seeing this beautiful backyard layout to anyone, model railroad fan or not.

Special Thanks to Gary and Marilyn Siegel, as well as the whole operations crew. Thank you for your hospitality, your generosity, and your passion for model railroads.   

Stay tuned for a schedule of the Siegel’s Special Events coming soon.

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<![CDATA[Trestle Bridge]]>Mon, 21 Oct 2013 20:48:08 GMThttp://mainlinebridges.com/current-projects/trestle-bridge
<![CDATA[Western Pacific Deck Truss]]>Mon, 21 Oct 2013 20:43:21 GMThttp://mainlinebridges.com/current-projects/western-pacific-deck-truss

This was a fun project! Damian built a diorama for a gentlemen. The layout is O-scale. Damian built the Deck Truss in O-scale for the layout and added the G-scale Gramps cars to give it more depth.

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Kennday standing next to the 7ft model of the Eiffel Tower

    The Eiffel Tower! Damian has constructed this artist rendition of the Eiffel Tower for a historic event. It will be featured and auctioned at Sedona's Family Fun Days. 
    Flying Over Time(FOT), a non-profit organization, will be auctioning off this amazing creation. Proceeds benefit FOT, an organization dedicated to teaching art and history through the lens of science. This organization helps to preserve the legacy of Donald A. Hall the mastermind behind the engineering of the Spirit of St Louis. 
    We chose to create the Eiffel tower because of it beautiful engineering and significant historical value. It is modeled in 1.27 scale. Appropriately chosen to honor the year Charles Lindberg flew around it. 

In 1927, after 31 hours of flying in a tiny silver aircraft, remarkably designed
and built to carry 450 gallons of fuel in 60 days in San Diego, California, the
Spirit of St. Louis’s exhausted pilot desperately needed to land.  That
young 25 year old was 
Charles Lindbergh, and he was quickly loosing day light.  His
primary hope, was the 
Eiffel Tower near the center of Paris, France.  He had not slept the night before leading Long
Island in his rush to beat his other aviator competitors at Roosevelt Field.
 Now, he was worried about how to find La Bourget field, just north of
Paris.  Worse yet, his aircraft had no forward window to see the glowing
tower.  Navigation was becoming more and more difficult.  He had
followed Le Seine river, knowing it would lead him to Paris, but in the end, as
the sun set behind him, and as the darkness engulfed the aircraft and pilot, it
was the bright light of the tallest structure in the world, that would point the
him towards the northeast, and the grassy landing field of Paris’s famous
aerodrome.  When Lindbergh finally landed his specially designed aircraft,
he had been flying for 33 and a half hours.

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Here  are a few of progress shots. This bridge is one of many bridges still to come.

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    These are a few pictures of Gary and Marilyn's amazing backyard railway. The Southern Pacific Santa Cruz Sub Division Railway. Damian had the privilege of staying with Gary and Marilyn in August. They have asked Mainline Bridges to help them complete their beautiful layout. 
    The Southern Pacific Santa Cruz Sub Division is know for the 1000's of Mini Spruce Tree they have planted and beautiful concrete rock work. Gary has also been featured in a few different railroad modeling magazines, Railmodel Journal and Railroad Model Craftsman, for his amazing realistic H.O. layout modeled after The Eastern Kentucky Division.

<![CDATA[Ashtabula is Finished!!!]]>Fri, 30 Aug 2013 17:29:40 GMThttp://mainlinebridges.com/current-projects/ashtabula-is-finishedThis bridge has been a work in progress for almost a year. Damian had to figure out and hand engineer every part. The Ashtabula Train Bridge will be featured in a documentary "The Engineering Tragedy" scheduled to start filming at the end of September. For more information please check out: http://engineeringtragedy.com/Welcome.html
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Hello friends and
 We have been working
with a team of people to build this 4 engine
hovering aircraft for the
last several months.
We are close to our next venture of a auto piloted
and piloted
personal flight vehicle.
Each one of the engines on this smaller aircraft run at 160,000rpm
weigh 3.4lbs and produce 25lbs
of thrust each.
The other engines we have weigh 22lbs and produce 200lbs of thrust. 
 The engines are very powerful. Four of them will easily lift a small
personal manned version of
our aircraft vertically and fly like an fixed
wing aircraft. They are
currently mounted to our manned jet pack
I will send
picture the that unit
very soon.
These two projects coexist together
because like the Segway the
flight controls and gyros work on the same
level to make the vehicle fly
stable without human control.
take a moment to review our techmoola challenge.
This is one way we are
promoting company growth for the next

Damian Cavasos