CAVCLO Railroad project has lasted for almost three
months. Back in May a customer contacted us and asked if we could create several
curved deck girders and box piers for an Arboretum he and his son were creating.
  Each box pier was to have bridge shoes, riveted gussets and fully
laced detail beams.

The customer sent us many detailed drawings of what he
wanted and measurements for every bridge and pier.  It was up to us
to figure out how each bridge would fasten together. The challenge of this was
the size of the piers and the height of the girders. The deck girders had to be
three different heights, 2.25”, 2.65” and 3.65”.  We soon came to
the conclusion to add a girder to one side of the box pier so the different
sized deck girders would still line up and the train would run smoothly. The
piers also varied in heights from 4.5” to 10.5” tall. These piers are the
smallest and most detailed we have yet to build.

This customer has been a pleasure to work for. We now have plans in the
works to continue and add bridges to his layout. To be continued….. 
Check out the link below for more pictures of The National Christmas Tree lighting.

This is another new design we have been working on. A customer requested a curved top on his Through Truss.